Hunt Tests

AKC Hunt Test Information

The purpose of the AKC Hunting Tests is comparison of bird dogs against a standard, not competition against each other. A dog must be AKC registered in order to receive any AKC Hunting Test title. In the following, "Hunting Test" means an AKC licensed or member club hunting test.

Dogs taking the Junior Hunting Test must demonstrate a keen desire to hunt, show ability to find and point birds, be trainable. They cannot be gun-shy. They may be restrained to prevent interference with another dog.

Dogs taking the Senior Hunting Test must do the same things demanded of a junior hunting dog, but with definite improvement. They must also hold their point until the bird has been shot or they are released. They must retrieve a shot bird but need not deliver to hand. They must initially honor another dog's point.

Those dogs taking the Master Hunting Test must do the same things as Senior hunter, but show more experience. In addition must also show intensity and staunchness of the point, without breaking for both wing and shot. They must deliver to hand. They must demonstrate absolute honoring throughout the entire flush, shot and retrieve.