Field Trials

AKC Field Trial Information

Field Trials are a performance event that test a field dog's natural ability to work game.

Typically, trials are run by local or regional clubs and they offer a variety of stakes to challenge dogs of various ages and levels of experience as well as to accommodate both professional and amateur handlers. Up to four placements are awarded in each stake and the winning placements also earn points towards an Open and/or Amateur Field Championship title. In general, dogs are judged on ground speed, stamina, application of the available course, ability to locate and point game, style on point and manners on birds --- puppies are not required to have bird contact.

So if you think your dog may have what it takes --- a good ground race, an overwhelming desire to find birds, acceptable manners on birds (this means steady to wing and shot for adults), conditioning to go the distance (usually up to 30 minutes) and do it all with style and class, then how about trying your hand at field trials and giving your dog the opportunity to earn a field championship title?